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Ditch the Boring Corporate Videos

We’ve all been there before. We too have crammed ourselves into a windowless conference room with creaky chairs for yet another employee training session or quarterly report, many more times than we’d care to admit. And we all know what happens next. The lights dim, the digital projector hums to life… and dozens of tiny screens flicker on as everyone searches their phones for something more interesting than the boring corporate video that’s about to send them into a serious power down.

Look, it’s not that there’s anything wrong with a 60-minute Facebook binge. Or a nap, for that matter. But is either the best use of valuable meeting time? If your team members fail to be engaged by the video you’ve produced for them, chances are they won’t be informed by it either. Our Dallas-based video production team understands that dry, cheaply produced videos are worse than a waste of time. They’re also a missed opportunity. And that’s why we don’t make them.

Good corporate content can do wonders for your company. We’re talking morale. We’re talking productivity. We’re talking professional development. We’re talking recruitment and retention of top talent. We’re talking your bottom line. Videos that grab attention and hold onto it can also inspire your clients, customers and investors with confidence and enthusiasm for your products or services. You may not be able to hear it at first over the orchestral swells and pumping rhythms of the score, but the real soundtrack to a well-written, expertly filmed and strategically informed corporate video is the ringing of the cash register.

Why The Well Delivers for Corporate Video Production

Here at The Well, we offer our corporate clients the same unbridled creativity and raw energy that we provide to our entertainment clients. You don’t just want to make a video. You want to make a video that gets both watched and remembered.

So why wouldn’t you hire an award-winning production team known for its highly polished, always-on-message video marketing expertise? That’s the easy part. The real magic comes from our ability to conjure stories and visual concepts that are mesmerizing. We’re talking can’t-take-your-eyes-off-it stuff, and we’ve got the metrics to prove it. More than 7 million consumers in arenas across the country have cheered our in-game entertainment. Plus, our broadcast TV and digital media video marketing campaigns (for clients as diverse as Noble Rey Brewing and StubHub) have generated a combined ROI of $900 million in sales.

But don’t just take our word for it. Say hello to our little friends.

The Well 2 Time Emmy Award Winners

Strategic Storytelling That Gets Results

Sure, we know how to make people laugh. We also know how to produce videos that make you asp in awe. We even know how to jerk a tear or two. But we’re not just here to wow your audience or offer them a much-needed diversion from another day of spreadsheets, email follow-ups and surreptitious games of Minesweeper. At The Well Creative Productions, we’re here to create corporate content that gets results. Here are the ingredients of our special sauce.

First, we get to know you. We talk about what you hope to achieve and how you define success.

Next, we research your audience. What do they think of you? Why do they believe what they do? What’s their opinion of your competitors? How do they make their decisions? We get into the real nitty-gritty of demographics and psychographics to ensure we hit the mark with your messaging.  

Using this intel, we develop a core message that will resonate with your chosen audience. Then it’s time to write a script and draw up some storyboards. You know — Hollywood stuff, just with more modest craft services (you should still try the coffee). We’re not going to lie. This is where it really gets fun. But don’t worry. We stay on task.

Next, we shoot the video, take it to post-production for editing, color correction, the addition of motion graphics and to apply every other finishing touch it may need. Once your video is ready, we release it to the appropriate channels and employ any other tactics necessary to get it the eyeballs it deserves.

But we’re not done yet. We also monitor how your video is measuring up to your objectives and report back to you.

So, What’ll It Be?

Here are just a few examples of the types of corporate videos we produce.

  • Corporate training and educational videos.
  • Corporate event videos.
  • Case study videos.
  • Corporate culture videos.
  • B2B videos.
  • Sales and marketing collateral.
  • Product demonstrations.
  • Advertisements, from 15-second TV spots to YouTube pre-roll to everything in between.
  • Testimonials.
  • Custom videos designed to raise brand awareness, lift brand favorability, repair brand reputation, or otherwise amplify your brand’s media presence.

Let The Well delight, surprise and energize your business. If you’re looking for an award-winning video production company and corporate video marketing expertise here in your own Dallas-Fort Worth backyard, we’re looking to collaborate with you. Discover how deep The Well runs — and how much The Well delivers. Contact us today.


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