We’ve all been there. You’re in the stadium or the arena, body pulsating from the sheer spectacle of seeing the greatest athletes in world make amazing plays when — wham — there’s a break in the action.

Immediately your buzzing mind begins to wander. In just a few seconds you’re scanning the crowd – whoa! That’s an interesting looking person! Wait, did I just get a text? Hey, is that an in-grown hair starting on my forearm? Then – wap! – right up there on the ginormous big-screen a guy gets hit in the face with a fish.

Well, we can’t lie. We put that fish on that man’s face.

And we do lots of other out-there stuff, like show world-famous athletes dancing in whacky music videos or thrust into classic scenes from beloved movies.

Mad? Incorrigible? Too much caffeine? You decide…

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