Viral Video Production in Dallas

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Heard the Saying 'Seen & Be Seen'? We Provide the Seen Part.

Leading pro sports teams and promoters increasingly turn to The Well to entertain their fans – in the stands, on their phones and online. We make “can’t-believe-I-just-saw-that” videos that get shared and watched again and again. Crazy stuff. Hilarious stuff. Make-your-eyes-bug-out stuff.

Hey. It’s just a gift we have.

Just because it’s possible to film a full-length motion picture using your smartphone doesn’t mean you should. Sure, camera specs these days are mighty impressive, what with all their megapixels and beauty filters and whatnot. But producing great video content is about more than having the right tools hanging off your tool belt. (If that analogy causes you to picture a fanny pack, our bad.)

Creating surprising, delightful, thumb-stopping and meme-worthy videos is as much as art as it is a science. For every “David Goes to the Dentist,” there are thousands (consequently millions) of weak imitations that lack charm, imagination and the authenticity that comes from having been in the right place at the right time to capture a golden, hilarious moment.

One of the most foolish things a brand can do is attempt to “go viral” without investing in any viral video marketing know-how. Chances are, whatever it produces will cause viewers to cringe and immediately try and unsee what they just saw — and that’s not a good look. Simply put, without the help of experienced viral video makers, your attempt at the next ice bucket challenge isn’t likely to blow up. Ours, on the other hand…

Viral Sizzle


We Specialize in Producing Viral Content

That’s not just a fancy way to say we’re good at it. Like, really good. It means we understand virality. We have more than one secret special sauce recipe, and we know just how much to add of each to turn views into shares. Plus, the cooks in our kitchen have been making entertaining, engaging content for decades, and they have the Emmy®s to prove it.

We’re also audience experts, and we know how to stir emotions and get reactions that inspire viewers to say to their friends, “You’ve got to see this!” As a Dallas-Fort Worth-based video production company, we’ve worked with local icons like Noble Rey Brewing, Texas Motor Speedway, ESPN Dallas, Ragonk and StubHub to create compelling moving images that routinely achieve extensive reach in what remains the fourth-largest media market in the nation. We’ve even made videos that play for sold-out crowds at the American Airlines Center, only to take the internet by storm once word got out.

Don’t believe us? How about compelling in-game footage? Can’t believe what you just saw? That’s what we were going for. And there’s plenty more to marvel at on our sizzle reel.

Why Go Viral?

If you’re asking yourself why your brand needs to include viral videos in its marketing efforts, the answer is pretty cut-and-dried — you’ll make more money. Viral videos deliver exceptional ROI, with impressions and engagement rates consistently exceeding the national average for shared multimedia content. We’ve run our own numbers, and, overall, our video marketing campaigns have helped our clients earn almost $900 million in additional revenue.

Our viral videos are optimized for social, which means that, as soon as they’re posted, they’ll be chatted about and commented — actions which translate into popularity for both organic and algorithmic eyeballs. In fact, your timely, compulsively snackable content will be shared far and wide, and with increased distribution of your video comes an elevation of your brand. This broad exposure is invaluable, as people are more likely to buy your goods or services if they know your company’s name and view you as a cultural influencer.

If you’re looking for a world-class video production company and the best viral videos here in your own North Texas backyard, we’re looking to collaborate with you. Get in touch with us today. The Well runs deep — and The Well delivers.


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